What do you wear when you meet the queen?

Proverbs 18;16 A man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before Kings.

Meet Peris,A Queen’s Young Leader 2016 and the Founder of Farm drive,an app that helps Poor farmers have access to credit to better themselves and their families.That’s right when most of us are taking selfies to upload on IG,she created an APP that helps people.I had the honor of dressing her for her auspicious award at the Palace last month and i was elated at this opportunity!I dont know any designers around me who’ve dressed anyone for the Queen.:-)

She is exactly the kind of client any designer is looking for.I was happy for the first time not to see any screen shots.She knew what she wanted.It was on my website,it was created by me!:-)And you know what, i had a blast working with you Peris.You are inspiring,you make me want to wake up everyday and do something amazing.She is driven by wanting to make everyting around her better.She has a drive and a zeal that only seems mythical.The kind of zeal you only here about in inspirational stories till you realize you know her and she is REAL.


We went with the less typical Pant suit.The coat is long and gracious and the Print on this Ankara is amazing..

IMG_20160623_WA0008[1] IMG_20160624_WA0053[1] IMG_20160624_WA0054[1]

For more on Farm Drive.Please see the link below:


This is Growth 101 for me and I am exited that I set out on this journey.

Thankyou always for reading,



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