Purple heaven.


Hey lovely people,

I’m breaking the silence with this lovely purple ensemble. You can never go wrong with Purple. It has a lovely elegance to it and even better when its on a design as beautiful and in my opinion as timeless as this. This dress is the perfect way to be effortlessly stylish and descent all at the same time.

I added an extra detail at the back with lace and my fellow fashionistas can tie it into a bow or well, just use it to accentuate your waist. I hope you guys love it as much as I do. 😉

A lot has happened while I’ve been away, some good some bad, but all great lessons which I will take home with me. However, the highlight was my interview with KBC last Friday.It came so naturally for me to talk about clothes and my love for them and their construction and sigh!I could go on forever.That was a lovely experience and I pray that its only the beginning.

Thank you Beryl for letting me dress you.



Photos: Sly from Slypix Media


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3 thoughts on “Purple heaven.

  1. This piece is BEAUTIFUL- EXCEPTIONAL… I LOVE it!!!! Great job June.,,…. and quite a BEAUTIFUL and GRACIUS model you have!!:)

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