Taking stock

It’s my birthday weekend and I’ve decided to take stock of everything…

Eating: My desk mates awful sugarless diet biscuits and cringing because why does good health have to taste so bad.Haha!

Drinking: Water, lots of hot warmish water and loving how my skin is responding to it.:-)

Reading: Nothing right now and I’m not proud of it..i did try to read a book set in the 1800s and that ship sailed. lol!

Learning: How to be effective at customer service and how to say YES’ more than I say NO’ to things hoping it will open me up more. Also learning how to learn from every bad experience, rather than just dwell on how bad something turned out. WIP!

Hoping: For a lovely evening today.I’ll be making an evening gown for someone.First of many and I’m stocked about it.:-)

Watching: A show called Guilt.Not really watching more like letting it play as I do something else.

Thinking: About a lovely new dress I want to do for a small party thing I’m having tomorrow.Thinking about all the ways I could make it dramatic..;-)

Regretting: That I lost my phone last weekend but thankful for the fact that I’ll be more keen on insuring my next one

Loving: Everything Steak and grilled..Yes please!Is it lunch time?And also this lovely new white dress and lovely new addition to my closet..Get it from me..:-)

Laughing: At myself right now ;-0 How did I ever stop trusting God with my life and trying to do everything myself?

Embracing: The chaos that can sometimes be my life and letting it pass swiftly by without getting crazy or agitated.

Wearing:  My bestfriend’s scarf and one of my favorite pair of khaki pants. Dressed down all the way.It’s Friday.

Thankful: For everything I am, will be and have been,for my courage,positivity,laughter,happiness ,good friends and Family.Thankful for everything J


jwhite-2 jwhite-3 jwhite-4 jwhite-5 jwhite-7 jwhite-7_1

Thank you for reading guys,

Love and Light,


Photos: Slypix Media

Dress-From my collection

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