Gold on white

I woke up today with a heavy head.Too much wine and too much dancing yesterday night.Along with the headache were a few regrets.You see,I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve during such times, and I will most likely tell you off if you hurt me.Wine makes me ferocious like that…But I really wish I didn’t need wine to speak my truth.I wish I was stronger.

Alot has happened to me this year.Some so good and so miraculous, makes me feel amazing to be alive at such a time.And some things made me cry my heart out,but that is just life i suppose.Still one thing remains,my love for beauty,authenticity,simplicity and rare magical moments behind my sewing machine..:)

One of my favorite all white pieces for any white party/cocktail/datenight thing you’ve got going on.Definitely a holiday classic.


dsc_8459 dsc_8461 dsc_8478 dsc_8481 dsc_8488 dsc_8502 dsc_8514 dsc_8529

Kind of makes me feel Morrocan!

I hope you love it as much as I do.I also hope you find laughter,peace and happiness in all the little good things life has to offer.

Love and Light,


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