Unconventional Bridesmaid

Happy New Year Lovely People!I hope you’ve all started off your year well.I hope this year all your dreams come true and you all get what you want 🙂

That said,I made this dress thinking about the unconventional bride and her maids.Maybe,no chiffons in pink and blue this time and just let everybody wear white.:-)Inch up the length while at it.lol!Well,ofourse these are just my musings and i’m pretty unconventional.lol!

Anyway,till then,this dress is a picnic,dinner or date night favourite!Throw in some sandals and shades too.


2 3 4 6 Hope you guys love it as much as I do. ;-07

Thank you Nana for wearing it so well.

Thank you all for reading.




Love and Light,


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