I love the way sometimes life can change in an instant.I love the way sometimes in a blink of an eye every door you’ve been knocking on can just open.I love life when that happens.You could be out of a job and struggling today and tomorrow you’d be living your dream.You could be having a heart break today and tomorrow you meet your soul mate.I’m a hopeless romantic and also a believer that good things will always happen,just don’t stop pushing and playing all the cards and knocking all the doors and looking for every way to improve yourself.

My life right now makes no actual sense.I’m in love with a craft that I honestly hope one day will love me back just as much.:-)I sit in an office and do the exact opposite.I have drama most days and want to scream on other days.I need more ideas on how to improve and be better.I need to be better.I deal with Nay-Sayers,rejection and some crazy people lol! but I wouldn’t change it for a thing.Not a thing!Because I have this strange ,foolish hope that everything I’ve lost will come back to me ten times better.Everything I’ve prayed for will be given to me in a timely fashion.:-)

I’m a fool for fashion.I love beautiful clothes.I do not love clothes that are not beautiful.I do not care for them.I do not care for overdone trends,i do not care for copied style.I love the dynamic,versatile storm that’s in my mind when it comes to fashion.I love that it’s unmatched,different and without limits.

This is a Flower (a rose) embroidered on regular fabric and can be worn on dress down Fridays,cocktails,dinners,dates etc.I hope you love it as much as i do.

Do have a completely positive day.

Keep going

Love June.

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