Worry is like home to me sometimes.I hate that about myself.I am an ardent obsessive worry wot.I worry myself to sleep and I worry myself awake and it’s so captivating and imprisoning. I am learning to control it.Okay,I’m drinking! and learning to deal with things as they come.I am also learning to share and let someone else laugh at my problems;at how trivial they are or aren’t!.I am learning that humans will always expect you to be perfect, even when they themselves aren’t.Such double standards!I am learning to breath,most important of all. Because why be alive if you can’t breath!:-)


I was on TV this last Friday! Again!Always mind blowing.I love that I’m not crazy somewhere inside my head and that people actually love my work.I am looking forward to a time when my pieces are in stores all around Nairobi (and environs) and when custom made pieces are on very special requests.:-)Till then, my dreams are valid. Always.

I am in love with this print.It reminds me of a distressed painter.Its Art!And it’s a Must Have,if you are in love with Fashion.And where can’t this dress go?That’s right!No where!Work,Church,Cocktails,Parties,Brunch etc.The list is endless.

I hope you love it as much as I do!

Thank you for reading,




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