Ruby red

I am often jealous of the people who have so much patience.I wasn’t born patient.I really struggle with this.If things don’t go as planned or if life unravels little dreadful horns I panic.I panic a lot.Ad most of the time I think myself into endless worry.Very unfruitful.I know.What helps is that most times,the things i’ve worried about have often turned out just fine.So in this very moment that gives me hope.So I will pray for Peace,a miracle and conjure this Patience until my miracle happens.:-)God speed!

Beryl is wearing a cocktail dress in Ruby.She loves this types of dresses.;-0.They work well for her pear shape.I see Weddings,dancing,dinners,cocktail parties…Exchange the heels and throw in some sandals and have some fun.:-)
Happy Sunday Fam.
Thanks for stopping by.
Love June

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