Ruby red

I am often jealous of the people who have so much patience.I wasn’t born patient.I really struggle with this.If things don’t go as planned or if life unravels little dreadful horns I panic.I panic a lot.Ad most of the time I think myself into endless worry.Very unfruitful.I know.What helps is that most times,the things i’ve worried about have often turned out just fine.So in this very moment that gives me hope.So I will pray for Peace,a miracle and conjure this Patience until my miracle happens.:-)God speed! Beryl is wearing a cocktail dress in Ruby.She loves this types of dresses.;-0.They work


  Worry is like home to me sometimes.I hate that about myself.I am an ardent obsessive worry wot.I worry myself to sleep and I worry myself awake and it’s so captivating and imprisoning. I am learning to control it.Okay,I’m drinking! and learning to deal with things as they come.I am also learning to share and let someone else laugh at my problems;at how trivial they are or aren’t!.I am learning that humans will always expect you to be perfect, even when they themselves aren’t.Such double standards!I am learning to breath,most important of all. Because why be alive if you


I love the way sometimes life can change in an instant.I love the way sometimes in a blink of an eye every door you’ve been knocking on can just open.I love life when that happens.You could be out of a job and struggling today and tomorrow you’d be living your dream.You could be having a heart break today and tomorrow you meet your soul mate.I’m a hopeless romantic and also a believer that good things will always happen,just don’t stop pushing and playing all the cards and knocking all the doors and looking for every way to improve yourself. My

Unconventional Bridesmaid

Happy New Year Lovely People!I hope you’ve all started off your year well.I hope this year all your dreams come true and you all get what you want 🙂 That said,I made this dress thinking about the unconventional bride and her maids.Maybe,no chiffons in pink and blue this time and just let everybody wear white.:-)Inch up the length while at!Well,ofourse these are just my musings and i’m pretty! Anyway,till then,this dress is a picnic,dinner or date night favourite!Throw in some sandals and shades too. I Hope you guys love it as much as I do. ;-0 Thank you


‘Let us be grateful to the people that make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom’ Marcel proust. We are halfway around the country, and still going,its Christmas eve and we never used to do this as a family.Just up and go?Nope.My dad,rest his soul was not much of a traveler.His idea of fun was sit around the house with his we loved him all the same.So now we have a bunch of packed bags and music and we’ll go see how other people celebrate xmas.Happy times! Im grateful for the entire year.Its been