Gold on white

I woke up today with a heavy head.Too much wine and too much dancing yesterday night.Along with the headache were a few regrets.You see,I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve during such times, and I will most likely tell you off if you hurt me.Wine makes me ferocious like that…But I really wish I didn’t need wine to speak my truth.I wish I was stronger. Alot has happened to me this year.Some so good and so miraculous, makes me feel amazing to be alive at such a time.And some things made me cry my heart out,but that is

Modern meets African Print..

‘I have come to believe that caring for myself is not self indulgent.Caring for myself is an act of survival’ Audre Lorde When I met Beryl she didn’t wear any dresses.She was the kind of girl who wore jeans to her graduation.Can you believe that?Im happy to know i’ve influenced someone to embrace their feminine side.Now she can give me a run for my money on the number of dresses she owns..all by me :-)Thankyou love.I gave her an all white look with a dash of african print.The perfect mix between modern and ankara. I’m a work in progress and

Taking stock

It’s my birthday weekend and I’ve decided to take stock of everything… Eating: My desk mates awful sugarless diet biscuits and cringing because why does good health have to taste so bad.Haha! Drinking: Water, lots of hot warmish water and loving how my skin is responding to it.:-) Reading: Nothing right now and I’m not proud of it..i did try to read a book set in the 1800s and that ship sailed. lol! Learning: How to be effective at customer service and how to say YES’ more than I say NO’ to things hoping it will open me up more.

Purple heaven.

Hey lovely people, I’m breaking the silence with this lovely purple ensemble. You can never go wrong with Purple. It has a lovely elegance to it and even better when its on a design as beautiful and in my opinion as timeless as this. This dress is the perfect way to be effortlessly stylish and descent all at the same time. I added an extra detail at the back with lace and my fellow fashionistas can tie it into a bow or well, just use it to accentuate your waist. I hope you guys love it as much as I

What do you wear when you meet the queen?

Proverbs 18;16 A man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before Kings. Meet Peris,A Queen’s Young Leader 2016 and the Founder of Farm drive,an app that helps Poor farmers have access to credit to better themselves and their families.That’s right when most of us are taking selfies to upload on IG,she created an APP that helps people.I had the honor of dressing her for her auspicious award at the Palace last month and i was elated at this opportunity!I dont know any designers around me who’ve dressed anyone for the Queen.:-) She is exactly the kind of client