The Cape-Official

  ”Don’t call be pretty or beautiful or hot and make me think that something i was born with is enough to make me amazing.Call me creative,intelligent or brave,only if you find me so,because this Adjectives..make me feel like I’ve worked hard to be amazing.” -Anon I am writing this on a sort of dull musky evening;wanting only a bowl of meat stew and a good movie and my favorite blanket.I am so tired but I have so much to do and I am so greatfull because a year ago this is the woman I wanted to become.Absolutely hopeful,positive,hard-working,contright and

A Classic Man

‘Dress like JFK,speak like Hemmingway,Work like Ralph Lauren,Party like Gatsby’ -Anon- His name is Keldine and he is a classic Man.;-)I gave him an all white linen look for a casual but dressy occasion:a wedding, a dowry ceremony, a casual brunch etc.If your one of the guys that has a general phobia for white lol!,this can also come in any other color and can be finished off with sandals or a nice pair of loafers. See guys,its not that hard to look ditch the overbearing oversized Tshirts and worn out jeans and let me DRESS you.;-) As always thankyou

Kimonos and Chiffon

‘I’ve decided to be beautiful,not by loosing tons of weight,or wearing tons of makeup,but by loving myself for who i am’ Unknown I woke up this morning and had to run errands and went to my immediate go to ‘run my errands outfit’:tights,vest and my newly made kimono.Its the perfect throw over because its light,effortlessly stylish and you don’t even have to try so hard :-)I feel like i could live in it and get one in a black or a white.When its paired up with a dress like i did for this post,i think it elevates the casual look

Little Black Dress

‘The little black dress is the true friend.She travels with you,stays with you,is patient and go to her when you don’t know where else to go and she is always reliable and timeless’ Diane von Fusternberg I was having little issues with my body this past week and i really didn’t want to be in front of any cameras. lol!I’ve been looking to have something in my closet that i can wear even when am not feeling too sexy ;-0.So i set out to create the perfect black dress for me.The fabric is stretchy and comfortable and the bow

African Queen

Queening-the act of tastefully embracing your individuality,leading by example,living as a muse;an advocate of limitless possibilities -Bonang Matheba Everybody needs a power outfit.This is mine!You need to have an outfit that describes your inner fierce and can also be modest enough to meet your in laws or grand ma..:-)An outfit that can quickly go to an interesting event or cocktail or dinner.;-0.I love matchy matchy two piece items and I have come to love Ankara so this piece is definitely timeless for me.     Have a great day Queens J Photos: Slypix Media Wardrobe-Junebydesign.